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Be of service to others - it's good for your Supplement Gate health and sense of purpose. Frankl Maslow Yalom and dozens of other psychiatrists existentialists and assorted Wellness scholars have urged engagement for mental health.You should always cherish the end of your work day. This is the most precious time of your entire day. Supplement Gate The work is done and you need to make a clear ending: Take a deep breath - stretch out - switch off your computer or put down anything you were working on - relax. It is important that you stop your work at least 2 hours before bedtime; otherwise you carry the thoughts of your unfinished business into bed; which will obstruct you from a great sleep.Get a little note pad and take it with you everywhere you go. Start writing down everything you eat, every morsel of food or drink that enters your mouth for three Supplement Gate consecutive days. After three days get a little two dollar calorie book from the supermarket and add up your calories. Just the calories. This gives you a great idea of how many calories it takes your body to operate every day. To maintain your present weight.



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