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If the music pedigree is impressive, the pre-occupation with painting goes back further, in harness with late brothers Art and Ted, before studying at Ealing Art College. Bob Dylan has just filled a London gallery with the results. He joined up with Mick, Charlie and Bill in 1976, after launching his music career in 1964 with The Byrds, and progressing via the Jeff Beck Band and the Small Faces.com/ Wood from: http://www. .
It saves carrying a camera. Yet the vast majority of items in this show (also staged by Lennon art promoter Jonathan Pool), and selling at up to 3,000 a print, have to be the portraits of fellow musicians most notably the Stones, but with some notable additives such as Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton and the late drummer of The Who, Keith Moon. In May, Liverpool hosted an important UK John Lennon show, providing a reminder of how Paul McCartneys art reopened the Walker Gallery in 2002. Brushwork, screen printing, etching and woodcutting were Rons assembled skills, every bit as useful as wielding a guitar plectrum. The reasonable can perhaps be taken as the animal paintings, accurate by line, but best confined to lounges of nylon shag-pile, chip-board cocktail bars and mock leather settee.com/ ROCK musicians often turn to art as on-tour therapy.
The best is Moon with Victorian swivel long-mirror. It was all more than a hobby (today, Wood runs a gallery with his two sons), and justified a critic like Brian Sewell (aka Lord Snooty) calling him an accomplished and reasonable artist. Florid colours give a sense of excitement and speed to life on the road, the edges occasionally addled and raddled by super-egos existing on a diet of cigs and booze.chinalightindustry. The appreciable accomplishment here includes a beautiful Irish landscape and a rooftop sketch of Berlin.chinalightindustry. But like Rembrandt of old (and Lennon of late) Ronnie Hot Stamping Glue Wood cannot stop producing pictures of himself. And now, cheek-by-jowl with the 17th open exhibition of Beatle-inspired art by Merseyside painters, there is a second room brimming with pictures by add-on Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.
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