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What is likely is that you will start to develop pain in the hip or knee. Since you are only seeing parts of the knee at a time, it takes a little bit more work and you have to move the knee around a bit more. One example is the person who is 35 years old and has arthritis in a knee. There are other options besides joint replacements for patients with arthritis. These are some of the more reliable procedures we do. Before I do a surgery, I'd like to try those other things first. It depends on how old the patient is, what his or her demands are and how limited he or she is. That's why I feel it is very important to get checked every year or two, because the surgeon can see the wear occurring on the X-ray and it can be fixed before it's too late.

  The biomechanics are a lot different in the hip, and I like to have my patients walking with a pretty smooth gait before we force their replacement hip to be the "good side journal pad .

  If a patient wants to have both knees done, I will do them four weeks apart. I think the benefits you get from having a potentially quicker rehabilitation do not outweigh the potential risk of sacrificing the longevity of the component. If you don't get your components in correctly because you can't see exactly what you're doing, you could sacrifice long-term function. If you wear completely through your bearing, particularly in the knee, you likely will need to have everything changed.

  Can both knees or both hips be done at the same time?

  For most people, I recommend against it. I want to make sure I can get the implant in properly, because that's my first goal.


  It's different for each person. You do the procedure mostly for getting the patient back to doing typical activities of daily living, like walking without pain.

  If a patient really wants a minimally invasive procedure, I will do that, but I let them know that if I'm having a tough time seeing what I want to see or making sure I'm putting the joint where I want to put it, I will extend the incision.

  Now if you get a big cyst forming around the bone, it will pop the components loose, and that would be completely asymptomatic - you don't have any pain until things pop loose. The minimally invasive hip procedure is very similar.arthritison. My second goal is to try to improve the rehab.arthritison." So hip replacements are usually a couple months apart

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